World Heritage

National Park

Mt. Omine, Yoshino: A Holy Site for Japan’s Unique Mountain Religion, Shugendo

The Westward Watch is a highlight among the pilgrimage spots of Mt. Omine. Shugendo, a unique Japanese mountain reli...
National Park

Kumano Kodo: A Natural Holy Site Where Gods Dwell

These giant cedar trees at the Prince Tsugizakura Shrine were protected due to Kumagusu Minakata’s activism against shr...
National Park

Nikko: The Original International Resort Based On Nature and Faith

At Kegon Falls, the water from Lake Chuzenji drops off stunningly all at once. The height difference from top to bottom...
Prefectural Nature Park

Mt. Koya: A Sacred Natural Site That Continues to Evolve

The Central Pagoda and Kondo tower over Mt. Koya’s Danjo Garan area. Inside the Central Pagoda, a three-dimensional man...
National Park

Miyajima: Visit A Sacred Mountain Protected by The Gods

The view from the top of Mt. Misen, where many boulders and oddly-shaped stones are arrayed and visitors can look a lon...